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A national- and community-level response is the key to addressing the interlocking issues military families are facing. No one individual, organization, or institution can achieve this change alone; this requires a whole-of-society response.

We must work together to support our military families. The Do Your Part campaign brings together a coalition of partners to address the interlocking challenges that military families face.

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“Our mission as a company is that with every cup, with every conversation, with every community, we nurture the limitless possibilities of human connection. And for us, nothing can be more endearing than the connection we have with our partners, with the communities that we serve. One of those communities is the military and veterans community, and for there we have among our promises a bridge to a better future…"

— AJ Jones II, Starbucks Executive Vice President of Communication and Public Affairs

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“All communities are important to Nextdoor. The military population is especially important to next door because we know that they are looking for a sense of belonging and to feel welcomed in their new community when they settle in and next door is uniquely positioned to help them establish those meaningful connections in their local communities and get things done quickly and easily, like finding employment, whether that's full time or part time.”

— Jennie Sager, Nextdoor Global Head of Consumer Marketing and Managing Director

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Individuals can do their part to create healthier and happier communities by welcoming their military family neighbors. Employers can do their part by adopting the 4+1 Commitment to create economic stability for military families. We can address innovative approaches to the child care crisis preventing spouses from being able to work by piloting a GI Bill for Child Care. But these are just a few examples. What can YOU do?

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It's just common sense.

We must work together to support our military families.

The Do Your Part coalition is led by Blue Star Families with support from Craig Newmark and craig newmark philanthropies.

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