Blue Star Families to Present Findings on Current State of Military Families to For Country Caucus

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Washington, D.C. — Blue Star Families, the largest national nonprofit dedicated to supporting military and Veteran families and strengthening communities, will present its latest findings on the challenges faced by the military community to members of the For Country Caucus on Wednesday, April 10th at 12:15 PM ET on Capitol Hill.

Supported by philanthropist Craig Newmark, the luncheon will include a one-hour brief and testimonials from Blue Star Families CEO Kathy Roth-Douquet, Representative Chrissy Houlahan (D-PA), and NBC News Capitol Hill Correspondent Ali Vitali.

The presentation will illuminate military families’ ongoing quality-of-life challenges, particularly regarding military spouse employment, financial instability, health care access, and child care. In the 2023 Military Family Lifestyle Survey, the organization uncovered:

  • A 20% decrease in the likelihood of recommending service over the past seven years
  • Low knowledge of the Basic Needs Allowance, including among food-insecure military families
  • Above average wait times for specialty health care for military families
  • High rates of military spouse unemployment

The connection between high military spouse unemployment rates and child care concerns is a point the nonprofit hopes to continue to broadcast widely under the Do Your Part initiative. In partnership with the Quality of Life Panel, and now the For Country Caucus, Blue Star Families is at the forefront of transforming support for military families.

Following the event, Blue Star Families will host a business mixer with media, business leaders, and government officials to share the importance of the Do Your Part initiative.

“Pressures on the All-Volunteer Force threaten our future military readiness, and quality-of-life issues are a critical contributor. The good news is these are solvable problems,” said Kathy Roth-Douquet, CEO of Blue Star Families. “The bipartisan Quality of Life Panel and the For Country Caucus are taking needed and bold action, and I commend them. Together these groups are leveraging their pivotal role and helping to save the All-Volunteer Force.”

For 15 years, Blue Star Families has been a leader, tracking the ongoing challenges military families face. The organization has hosted and led briefings on quality-of-life issues that provided data and policy recommendations in collaboration with other military service organizations that the Quality of Life Panel member staffers attended.

Blue Star Families believes that by working with government officials and business leaders, communities can forge solutions that make it easier for military families to thrive.

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The Do Your Part coalition is led by Blue Star Families with support from Craig Newmark and craig newmark philanthropies.

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